Metal and Plastic Footman Loops

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Metal Footman Loops
Footman Loops are a great type of anchoring hardware. They can be commonly found on all types of boats, fire trucks, aircraft, attic doors, and mechanic shops. Metal is the most common material for Footman Loops, but plastic is sometimes used for light duty applications.

Common applications:

Plastic Footman Loops
One of the most common uses for this versatile hardware is as an anchoring point for a strap or webbing. For this purpose, the webbing or strap is actually run under the footman loop before it is screwed into place, or threaded through after. Another use is as a drawer pull or a handle for a cabinet door.


The breaking strength for this type of hardware is only as strong as the screws that are used, and the material the footman loops are being anchored to.

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